College students at Xavier University have been blessed with America’s first pizza ATM, which serves up hot pies all day, every day, according to

The $55,000 vending machine is loaded with several dozen artisan pizzas, made daily by Xavier’s dining staff, and customers can choose to have a cheese, pepperoni or veggie pizza, according to the report.

The pizza, which is 12 inches in diameter, costs $9 and is stored in a refrigerated compartment, then gets cooked in a convection oven for a couple of minutes before being placed in a box and served through an opening to the consumer.

While the pizza ATM may be new to the United States, it’s actually been around for more than a dozen years in Europe and was created by a French company, according to Fortune Magazine.

The pizza ATM, much like Carvana’s coin-operated vending machine for cars, as reported in the latest PYMNTS Unattended Retail Tracker, is one of many innovative concepts being introduced in the U.S. The Tracker features news and trends from around the industry, as well as a directory profiling about three dozen players contributing to different segments within the unattended retail sphere.

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