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Uber Secret: Which African Country Next?

Which country will Uber drive into next? That’s a secret.

After more than a million trips in Nigeria over the past two years, as well as accelerating in South Africa, Ghana and Kenya, Uber says it will next be expanding to a French-speaking, West African country. That’s according to its West African chief today.

Uber operates in more than 400 cites across the globe. However in many cities, the Uber riders are mostly being transported to-and-from work, and of course the evening post-bar and drinking scene.

Interestingly, according to Reuters, Lagos users will rely on Uber to get medical help — especially go to the hospital.

Why? There is only one — yes, only one — ambulance in Lago’s business district.

As a result, emergencies tend to end up being transported by Uber drivers. People know they can hail a driver in minutes.

But providing surrogate ambulances isn’t Uber’s focus. The company wants to bring more economic activity to its platform with car insurers, washers, mechanics and other related business including offering credit ratings for people who couldn’t get a bank loan.

While the bank loan may sound quirky, think about the ratings related to driving and hailing these sharing economy rides. Those ratings could translate to proving to banks the integrity and financial stability of a person who doesn’t have established credit to show.


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