Brazil Transit Card Paves Way For Prepaid Solutions

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7:00 AM EDT June 25th, 2014

Earlier this week, the Open Standard for Public Transport™ (OSPT™) Alliance in Brazil announced that it had signed on RioCard TI, which is a supplier of prepaid ticketing solutions for transport providers, as a new member.

The existing members are São Paulo Transporte, Intelcav, Planeta Informatica and Rede Protégé.

According to a company press release, RioCard TI makes the “RioCard,” which is used by the state’s public transport systems, and utilizes contactless smartcard technology. With this move though, RioCard TI can help launch – and develop – successful ticketing solutions for the OSPT Alliance.

According to RioCard TI Technical Manager Marcus Bignon, the organization’s goal is to make the passenger ticketing experience as secure and convenient as possible.

“The RioCard is already in use across the Rio de Janeiro transport system and we work closely with public transport operators, including bus companies, Supervia Urban Trains, CCR ferries, light rail and the metro,” Bignon said.

OSPT Executive Director Laurent Cremer agreed, saying that Brazil is a key focus for his organization and is an established leader in transport ticketing.

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