Security Firm Tanium Picks Up Andreessen Investment

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7:00 AM EDT June 23rd, 2014

Andreessen Horowitz is placing the second biggest bed in the venture-capital firm’s history on Tanium Inc., a largely unknown start-up that helps companies pinpoint security threats to sprawling and vast computer networks.

Andreessen is buying into Tanium for a whopping $90 million, pegging the company’s total valuation at around $900 billion reports The Wall Street Journal.

The cyber security firm offers its unique edge in a crowded market for securing computer networks as offering a near-instant snapshot of potentially malicious software in corporate networks. The program allows employees to act as their own security expert wipe out the unwanted software remotely. This nearly real-time monitoring offers an advantage over slower security firms that offer companies data that is days or sometimes months old.

This bet is comparable to the $100 million the VC firm dropped into software-code start-up GitHub.

“Once you realize you can get real-time data, it pervades everything that you do,” said Tanium founder Orion Hindawi told the post.

Hindawi went on to say that when the “Heartbleed” computer bug threatened to expose data on many websites, many companies found themselves scrambling to clean up systems-management tools and couldn’t determine how and if their computers were exposed to the flawed software.

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