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Darryl Biggar

Dr. Darryl Biggar is an economist and a full-time consultant to the ACCC. His fields of interest are the economics of wholesale electricity markets and the economics of public utility regulation, particularly questions related to the foundations of public utility regulation. In addition to providing economic advice on regulatory issues, Dr. Biggar is involved in the training program of the ACCC/AER and the Australian Energy Market Commission. Dr. Biggar has published several articles in economics journals and in the engineering literature. He has co-authored papers with academics from the University of Adelaide and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. In 2010 one of his papers won the Inaugural Distinguished Scholar prize from the International Confederation of Energy Regulators. Prior to joining the ACCC in 2002, Dr. Biggar worked with the OECD in Paris, on matters related to economic regulation and competition. He has also worked for the New Zealand Treasury and as an academic at University College London. He holds a PhD in economics from Stanford University and an MA in mathematics from Cambridge University, UK.