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Our Editorial Policy

Editorial Standards

All our content is dedicated to safeguarding the intellectual integrity of all of the information we publish or present. Sometimes we invite authors to write articles on a particular topic of interest to our readers. Other times authors send articles for our consideration, which we publish when they meet our quality standards. Articles and commentary published in Competition Policy International and in the Antitrust Chronicle are scrupulously selected and reviewed by our editorial team to ensure we always offer solid analysis on a broad range of antitrust law & economics topics worldwide. We do not provide preference to any individual or entity that has purchased subscriptions to our publications.

Required Disclosures

CPI requires transparency from our authors on any significant professional or financial interest they may have in the subject matter of an article. Any author who has written an article that focuses on a particular matter should disclose the fact that they have worked on that matter as a lawyer or expert for a client with a stake in the matter. Authors who have received financial compensation for writing an article about a particular topic should disclose that fact. Any disclosures should be included in the first footnote of the article. CPI believes such acknowledgment of the author’s interest gives the reader an opportunity to take this fact into account in considering the views presented.

Solicitation Policy

CPI does not charge authors for publishing in CPI. We do not solicit or accept payment for contributions. There is one exception to that policy, as CPI reserves the right to charge for articles that have been commissioned by a company for the purposes of informing about competition matters related to that company. When these articles meet our editorial standards, we believe they can assist the debate over the proper application and direction of competition policy. However, we reserve the right to charge companies for the distribution of these articles on our publishing platform to defray our costs.


The copyrights to all published material are shared with the authors. We do not limit the author’s right to use his or her own material in future works and authors are permitted to post their articles on their own websites or on an approved index, such as SSRN. We ask that the authors be sure to give CPI credit as the first publisher of the author’s material. Any other dissemination requires our prior approval. Obtaining permission to use copyrighted material or data for tables, figures, and exhibits is the responsibility of the submitting party.

Submitting an Article

In accordance with the standards described above, we encourage readers and members of the competition community with ideas for future commentary or those interested in contributing an original article to contact our Editorial Team here. Read here our editorial guidelines.