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Advocacy Groups Call for Increased Funding as DOJ Considers Antitrust Case Against Apple

 |  January 21, 2024

In the wake of a recent New York Times report revealing a three-year delay in the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) investigation into Apple, advocacy groups are raising their voices, emphasizing the urgent need for increased funding to address the monopolistic practices of tech giants.

According to DOJ sources cited in the New York Times report, the investigation into Apple was intentionally postponed to prioritize a review of Google. The reason provided was a lack of financial resources and personnel to thoroughly evaluate both companies simultaneously.

In response to this revelation, more than a dozen advocacy groups penned a letter on Thursday, urging a boost in funding for the DOJ Antitrust Division during the current appropriations cycle. The groups argued that “Big Tech’s monopolistic behavior leads to higher prices for consumers, puts their personal information at risk, and locks competitors out of the market” reported The Hill.

The letter further stated, “We’re writing to you to strongly urge you to increase funding for the DOJ Antitrust Division in the current appropriations cycle — so it can fully carry out its mission of protecting the public from corporate abuse.”

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The New York Times report suggests that the DOJ is progressing towards filing an antitrust case against Apple. Despite multiple meetings between the DOJ and Apple to discuss the investigation, no final decision has been reached regarding whether a lawsuit will be filed or what its scope should be.

This development comes against the backdrop of the DOJ having filed two antitrust cases against Google since 2020. The delay in the Apple investigation has sparked concerns among advocacy groups, who argue that such delays hinder the ability of America’s antitrust enforcers to address the broader issues posed by Big Tech.

“America’s antitrust enforcers shouldn’t have to pick their battles. But without sufficient funding, they do. And to resolve this problem, we depend on you,” the advocacy groups emphasized in their letter.

As the debate around the power and influence of tech giants continues, the call for increased funding for the DOJ Antitrust Division underscores the growing concern over the need for a robust regulatory framework to rein in monopolistic practices within the technology industry.

Source: The Hill