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Amazon Adds Free Data Transfer Amid Growing Regulatory Scrutiny

 |  March 5, 2024

In a significant move aimed at addressing concerns over competition in the cloud market, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced on Tuesday that customers seeking to transfer their data to another cloud service provider will not incur any network fees globally.

The decision comes amidst escalating scrutiny from regulators worldwide regarding the imposition of such fees, which critics argue create barriers to competition in the industry. Regulators have been particularly vigilant in monitoring the practices of major tech giants, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, amid concerns of their dominance in the cloud computing sector.

The European Union’s impending Data Act, slated to come into effect soon, is set to compel cloud providers to facilitate easier transitions for customers looking to switch to rival platforms. This directive aligns with broader efforts to promote a more competitive landscape in the digital sphere.

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In a parallel development, the British media regulator, Ofcom, has called upon the UK’s antitrust authority to investigate the dominance of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in Britain’s cloud market. This move underscores the increasing regulatory pressure on tech behemoths to ensure fair competition and consumer choice.

Earlier this year, Alphabet’s Google Cloud service made waves by eliminating its own data transfer fees and pledging to streamline the process for customers wishing to switch providers. However, the company cautioned that issues related to unfair licensing practices persist, signaling the complexity of the challenges facing the industry.

As the cloud computing market continues to evolve rapidly, with an ever-expanding array of services and providers, regulators are stepping up efforts to safeguard competition and foster innovation.

Source: Reuters