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Amazon Increases Competition In AI Against Microsoft

 |  April 13, 2023

Amazon’s cloud computing division on Thursday released a suite of technologies aimed at helping other companies develop their own chatbots and image-generation services backed by artificial intelligence.

Microsoft and Alphabet are adding AI chatbots to consumer products like their search engines, but they are also eying another huge market: selling the underlying technology to other companies via their cloud operations.

On Thursday, Amazon Web Services (AWS) entered the competition in cloud computing by introducing its own AI technologies. While being the world’s largest provider, AWS is using a unique strategy.

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AWS is set to provide a service called Bedrock that enables companies to personalize foundation models – the essential AI technologies that perform tasks like generating images or responding to queries with human-like text – using their own data. OpenAI’s ChatGPT creator already offers a comparable service, allowing users to customize the models behind ChatGPT and create a customized chatbot.

The Bedrock service will allow customers to access both Amazon’s proprietary foundation models, named Amazon Titan, and models offered by other companies. The initial third-party options will be provided by AI21 Labs, Anthropic, and Stability AI, in addition to Amazon’s models.