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An Early Guide To Policymaking On Generative AI

 |  March 27, 2023

By: Tate Ryan-Mosley (MIT Tech Review)

Students and professors alike have been asking about GPT-4 and generative AI: What should they be reading? How much attention should they be paying?

Among the questions students and professors ask lately is, what do these advances in AI mean for lawmakers? In this piece, the author provides a summary of several days of thinking, reading and contacting experts on the matter.

While GPT-4 is the most prominent to date, it’s just one of many high-profile generative AI releases: Google, NvidiaAdobe, and Baidu have all announced AI projects of their own, to be realeased in the coming weeks or months. In short, generative AI is the thing that everyone is talking about. And though the tech is not new, its policy implications are months if not years from being understood…