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Biden Administration Will Continue To Scrutinize Big Tech: Delrahim

 |  January 14, 2021

The Department of Justice’s Makan Delrahim said Wednesday, January 13, that the Biden administration will continue the federal government’s antitrust investigations into US tech companies once it comes to power in January.

The Trump administration’s outgoing competition chief, told Bloomberg he expects that a group of staff attorneys in President-elect Joe Biden’s Justice Department will be in charge of carrying on the inquiries into companies such as Google.

Delrahim, who will finish his job on January 19, said scrutinizing tech companies by enforcers is crucial for protecting competition in digital markets.

“In markets where you have network effects which lead to a winner-take-all, you want to ensure there is continued competition, continued innovation,” he said. The Justice Department, the Federal Trade Commission, and Congress “are right on the money in taking a close look.”