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Calvin Goldman Strengthens Competition Practice with Industry Heavyweights

 |  February 1, 2024

The Law Firm of Calvin Goldman, K.C. has enlisted the expertise of George Addy and Howard Wetston, K.C., former Commissioners of Competition. The seasoned professionals, with a wealth of experience in diverse regulatory matters, are set to collaborate with the law firm on specific case matters related to the Competition Act, the Investment Canada Act, and other regulatory compliance issues.

Thomas Mathews, a distinguished figure in litigation with a focus on competition law, is also set to contribute to the firm’s growing expertise. Mathews, along with his law firm, Mathews Litigation, brings broad litigation experience in civil and criminal matters, and he was honored with the Canadian Bar Association’s James Bocking Award in 2013 for his published paper in the Canadian Competition Law Review.

Dr. Larry Schwartz, a highly experienced consulting economist and former member of the Competition Tribunal, remains actively engaged in various case matters with the law firm. His insights into Competition Act cases further enhance the firm’s capabilities in navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

Additionally, Richard Taylor, a veteran with approximately 30 years of experience at the Competition Bureau, including a 12-year tenure as Deputy Commissioner until 2020, continues to play a pivotal role as the law firm’s Senior Competition Analyst and Case Manager since April 2021.

While George, Howard, Thomas, and the other experts will be available for retainer with The Law Firm of Calvin Goldman, K.C., it is emphasized that their involvement does not impede their separate consulting or independent work in unrelated matters.

This collaboration brings together a unique blend of regulatory, advisory, business, and litigation experience.

Source: Calvin Goldman Law