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Canada’s Antitrust Watchdog Bradens Probe into Google’s Online Advertising Practices

 |  February 29, 2024

The Competition Bureau Canada has escalated its scrutiny of Google’s online advertising activities, securing a significant court order to deepen its investigation. On Thursday, the antitrust watchdog announced its latest move in the ongoing probe into whether Google’s practices in the online display advertising sphere are detrimental to competition within Canada.

The court order mandates Google to furnish pertinent records and information crucial to the investigation’s advancement. At the heart of the inquiry lies the question of whether the tech giant has been involved in activities that impede fair competition in the online display advertising sector.

In a statement issued by the Competition Bureau Canada, the agency underscored the importance of ensuring a level playing field in the digital advertising landscape. By compelling Google to provide transparency regarding its operations, the watchdog aims to ascertain whether any anti-competitive behaviors have been at play, potentially disadvantaging other market players.

This development underscores the growing scrutiny of big tech companies’ market practices globally, as regulators seek to address concerns regarding their market dominance and potential anti-competitive behaviors.

Source: Reuters