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Chile Takes First Steps Towards Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

 |  July 7, 2023

By: Matias Zegers, Jorge Timmermann & Carla Illanes (Technology’s Legal Edge/DLA Piper)

The Chilean parliament has initiated discussions on a proposed Bill that seeks to address legal and ethical concerns surrounding the creation, distribution, commercialization, and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). The primary objective of the Bill is to strike a balance that safeguards the fundamental rights of citizens while avoiding excessive obstacles or impediments to the advancement and accessibility of these technologies.

Taking inspiration from the European Union’s 2021 Artificial Intelligence Act, the Bill was formulated. It also incorporates key principles outlined in the Chilean Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation’s Artificial Intelligence Policy published in 2021. Additionally, an amendment to the Chilean Constitution is being considered to integrate scientific and technological progress serving the needs of the people as a guiding principle within the country’s legal framework.

The motion presented to the Chilean congress clearly states that the introduction of this legislation intends to ensure that artificial intelligence serves as a tool for the benefit of individuals and a positive influence in society. The ultimate goal is to enhance human well-being through the responsible application of AI…