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China Looks To Update Its Competition Laws

 |  March 7, 2023

The State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), China’s leading market regulator, is actively pursuing revisions to the Anti-Unfair Competition Law in order to create a fair and balanced market ecosystem. This follows the amendments to the Anti-Monopoly Law last year. During a media event at Beijing’s two sessions on Tuesday, Luo Wen – SAMR Head – reiterated their commitment to this objective.

Experts have remarked that the revised law will stay focused on developing an even playing field in prosperous sectors, for instance, platform industries and the digital economy. This is due to the current prevalence of unfair competition within these areas.

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Luo reported that the government is strengthening the associated regulations and guidelines, such as those for declaring concentration of undertakings, to support the implementation of the plans.

“We strive to make the regulatory rules and law enforcement procedures to be clearer so that companies of all kinds can catch up with each other and improve together on the track of the fair competition,” Luo said.