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Colorado House Advances Right-To-Repair Bill For Farming Equipment

 |  March 2, 2023

The Colorado House on Wednesday advanced a so-called right-to-repair bill that would require manufacturers of large farming equipment to sell the tools, replacement parts, and digital information needed to fix up the machines.

The vote was 37-27 in favor of the bill, with all Republicans and eight Democrats voting against it. The bill now goes to the Senate.

“Market prices, weather, pests, drought — there are all these things outside the control of a farmer trying to do their job. The last thing they need is for a piece of equipment to break and that becomes an additional barrier,” bill sponsor Rep. Brianna Titone, an Arvada Democrat, told Colorado Newsline. “They have all these other things they have to deal with and respond to, and fixing their equipment shouldn’t be one of those things.”

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The bill made it through the House on Tuesday with a 44-17 vote, mostly along party lines. Democratic Rep. Shannon Bird of Westminster voted against it while Republicans Weinberg and Rod Bockenfeld of Watkins voted in favor of it.

Supporters say the bill would help farmers save money by being able to make their own repairs. They also say it would stimulate the rural economy by making it easier for independent repair shops to do business.

Opponents say the bill could lead to more repair problems because amateur mechanics would not have the same expertise as factory-trained technicians. They also argue that manufacturers have a right to protect their products from being reverse-engineered.