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Commission launches state aid investigation into four regional German and Austrian airports

 |  February 22, 2012

The European Commission has opened proceedings to determine whether four airports are receiving public operating support in violation of EU state aid rules. Infrastructure and operating aid are more likely to distort competition, as it provides an unfair economic to airports that would otherwise close under normal market conditions.

The Commission will be looking into the capital injections, financial arrangements, rebates, and marketing agreements between public authorities and the airports–Saarbrücken, Zweibrücken, Lübeck-Blankensee (Germany) and Klagenfurt (Austria)–and some of the airlines using the airports. Airline deals that have been scrutinized include those with Cirrus Airlines (at Saarbrücken); Germanwings (at Zweibrücken); Ryanair (at Zweibrücken, Lübeck-Blankensee, and Klagenfurt); TUIfly (at Zweibrücken and Klagenfurt); Air Berlin (at Saarbrücken and Klagenfurt).

Source: EC Press Release