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Competition Concerns In The Age Of AI

 |  June 5, 2023

By: Henry Hauser, Shylah Alfonso, Chris Williams (Tech Crunch)

Antitrust serves as the driving force behind the principles of free enterprise, shaping numerous sectors of commerce, ranging from technology and household goods to beverages, sports, healthcare, and more. It is through antitrust regulations that price, quality, variety, innovation, and opportunities thrive.

In the present day, artificial intelligence is swiftly revolutionizing how businesses perceive, analyze, and adapt to the market. In every industry, companies are harnessing the power of machine learning to extract valuable insights without extensive human involvement. However, these groundbreaking capabilities bring about significant changes in how companies interact with competitors and consumers.

Experienced lawyers specializing in competition and consumer protection can assist companies in capitalizing on the opportunities presented by AI, all while navigating the uncharted territory of regulatory compliance and potential legal disputes. Although it is incorrect to perceive AI as a mysterious entity, the complex nature of AI systems can obscure the reasoning behind their outputs. Consequently, the connections between AI-generated outcomes and justifiable business rationale run the risk of becoming opaque or even completely lost…