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Court Sets Preliminary Injunction Hearing Date in Fubo Antitrust Suit Against Spulu

 |  April 21, 2024

A federal court in New York has marked August 7 as the date for the preliminary injunction hearing regarding Fubo’s antitrust lawsuit against media giants Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery. The lawsuit alleges that their collaborative sports-streaming venture, informally dubbed “Spulu,” constitutes anticompetitive behavior.

Fubo, a prominent player in the streaming industry, has criticized the joint venture, labeling it a “sports cartel.” The core of Fubo’s complaint revolves around the bundling of linear sports channels, a tactic it claims the media conglomerates have historically resisted offering to their pay-TV partners.

The recent decision by the Southern District of New York court to deny the defendant’s motion to dismiss the case has bolstered Fubo’s stance. Additionally, declarations from rival pay-TV operators DirecTV and Dish Network have lent support to Fubo’s claims.

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In a further escalation of the issue, two Democratic members of the House of Representatives penned a letter to the CEOs of The Walt Disney Co., Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery. The letter raises additional questions about the joint venture while expressing concerns about its potential impact on competition.

Furthermore, the scrutiny surrounding the Spulu venture has extended beyond the courtroom. Two Democratic members of the House of Representatives penned a letter to the CEOs of Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery, expressing apprehensions about the potential impact of the joint venture on competition within the streaming landscape. The letter signals growing political interest in regulating the activities of major media entities in the digital sphere.

Despite the legal and regulatory challenges, Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros. remain steadfast in their plans to launch the joint venture, slated for the upcoming fall season.

Source: Next TV