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DOJ Opposes Google’s Attempt To Move Ad Antitrust Case To New York

 |  March 6, 2023

The US Justice Department is opposing Google’s attempt to move its advertising antitrust case to a New York court, citing the potential for prolonged litigation, Reuters reported. 

Google is seeking to transfer the case from Virginia federal district court, but the government warns against the move. The suit involves allegations of anticompetitive behavior in digital advertising, and the outcome could have significant implications for both Google and the wider tech industry.

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While Google argues that New York is a more appropriate venue due to its proximity to major players in the advertising industry, the government warns against disrupting ongoing proceedings in Virginia. The case is just one example of the increased scrutiny faced by big tech companies in recent years over concerns about monopolistic practices and antitrust violations.

In January, a case was filed in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia asserting anticompetitive abuses of advertising technology. Google’s business could be at risk if the allegations are found to be true. However, Google has denied violating U.S. antitrust law through its digital ad practices.

The DOJ said in its filing that transferring the case to Manhattan would mean a trial in 2025 “at the earliest.”

“The need for swift action is particularly pronounced in this case given the pace of change in technology and the dynamic nature of Google’s anticompetitive conduct across the ad tech industry,” lawyers for the DOJ, Virginia and other states, including New York and California, said in their filing.

The case is United States et al v. Google LLC, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, 1:23-cv-00108-LMB-IDD.