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DOJ’s Kanter Leads Charge Against Apple in Antitrust Battle

 |  March 24, 2024

Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter is spearheading the US Department of Justice’s pursuit of tech giant Apple, alleging illegal anticompetitive practices aimed at maintaining its smartphone monopoly.

Kanter, the DOJ’s antitrust chief, has a track record of taking on corporate giants and has now set his sights on Apple, filing an 88-page lawsuit accusing the company of stifling competition in the smartphone market, reported Business Insider.

Speaking with CNBC, Kanter emphasized the seriousness of the allegations, hinting at the possibility of breaking up Apple to restore competition. “Our lawsuit against Apple is designed to ensure that Apple is held accountable for antitrust violations,” he stated, underscoring the need for remedies that foster a competitive landscape.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Kanter’s upbringing in a family of educators instilled in him a sense of justice and fairness. His roots trace back to his immigrant grandfather from Ukraine, reflecting a commitment to American ideals and opportunity.

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After earning his Bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Albany, Kanter pursued law at Washington University in St. Louis, graduating in 1998. His journey led him to roles at the Federal Trade Commission as an antitrust attorney, where he honed his expertise in competition law.

Kanter’s career path also includes stints at private law firms, where he notably represented Microsoft, demonstrating his experience navigating complex legal terrain in the technology sector.

Now at the forefront of the DOJ’s legal offensive against Apple, Kanter’s background and expertise position him as a formidable force in the pursuit of justice and competition in the digital age. As the case unfolds, the tech industry and consumers alike await the outcome, poised to witness a potential reshaping of the smartphone market under the scrutiny of antitrust law.

Source: Business Insider