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Enhancing Trust and Protecting Privacy in the AI Era

 |  January 26, 2024

By: Julie Brill (Microsoft On The Issues)

At Microsoft, our aim is to empower our customers to fully utilize emerging technologies like artificial intelligence while ensuring their privacy needs and expectations are met. Today, we are highlighting key elements of how we prioritize privacy protection in AI, which are fundamental to our new generative AI products like Microsoft Copilot.

Throughout the design and implementation phases of our products, we embed security and privacy considerations. We prioritize transparency, providing users and organizations with insights into the capabilities and limitations of our AI systems, as well as the sources of information driving their responses, in real-time interactions. Additionally, we offer tools and clear options for users to manage their data, including access, control, and deletion of personal data and stored conversation history.

Our approach to privacy in AI is rooted in our firm belief that privacy is a fundamental human right. We are dedicated to upholding compliance with all relevant laws, including privacy and data protection regulations, and we actively support the development of appropriate safeguards to foster trust in AI systems.

We are confident that our commitment to enhancing privacy in our AI technology will provide individuals with clarity on how they can exercise control and safeguard their data within our new generative AI products.