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Epic Games Accuses Apple of Retaliation, Alleges Developer Account Ban

 |  March 6, 2024
Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney disclosed that Apple has refused the gaming company’s application for a developer account aimed at launching an app store for iPhones in Europe.
The decision, according to Sweeney, is allegedly a retaliatory move by Apple due to Epic Games’ antitrust lobbying efforts, its ongoing lawsuit against Apple, and certain social media posts made by Sweeney himself. Sweeney cited emails purportedly from Apple App Store chief Phil Schiller and Apple’s legal team to support his claims, reported CNBC.During a call with reporters, Sweeney expressed his discontent, labeling Apple’s actions as “super egregious” and drawing a vivid analogy, comparing Apple to a “medieval feudal lord mounting the skulls of their former enemies on their castle walls.”

This rejection marks the first public instance of Apple obstructing competing app stores in Europe and is likely to intensify scrutiny of Apple’s compliance with new antitrust legislation.

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The relationship between Apple and Epic Games has been fraught with tension and confrontation since 2020 when Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit centered around the question of whether Fortnite could bypass Apple’s App Store regulations and circumvent the 30% commission Apple takes from in-app purchases. While Epic Games did not achieve a comprehensive victory, it did secure some alterations to Apple’s policies under California law.

This latest clash underscores the mounting global regulatory challenges confronting Apple’s App Store sales, which represent a lucrative segment of Apple’s services business. As the dispute escalates, it remains to be seen how both companies will navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape surrounding app distribution and competition in the tech industry.

Source: NBC Connecticut