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EU Antitrust Regulators Set To Approve Microsoft/Activision Merger Next Week

 |  May 10, 2023

The merger between Microsoft and Activision is expected to be approved by regulators on May 15, according to sources.

The merger was rejected by UK regulators and Microsoft filed an appeal.

According to Reuters, Microsoft’s acquisition is being approved partly due to their agreement to establish licensing arrangements with competitors in the cloud streaming industry such as Ubitus and Nvidia. The cloud sector played a significant role in the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority’s decision to block the deal, hence it is uncertain whether Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to secure licensing deals and other forms of cloud cooperation will be sufficient to succeed in appealing to the CMA.

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According to a European Commission spokesperson, Reuters’ reporting on the ongoing investigation cannot be confirmed at this time. The Commission has until May 22, 2023 to make a decision.

Activision Blizzard King chose not to comment, and Microsoft has not yet responded to a comment request.

If the acquisition effort of $69 billion is successful, Microsoft will gain control of significant gaming franchises like “Call of Duty” and “Diablo,” following the acquisition of ZeniMax and their well-known properties like “The Elder Scrolls” and “Fallout.”