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EU Commission Disputes Qualcomm’s Legal Bill, Sets Reduced Fees

 |  March 3, 2024

In a recent legal dispute between Qualcomm and the European Commission, a ruling dated February 29, posted on the court’s website, revealed a stark difference in opinion regarding legal fees.

The Commission contested Qualcomm’s initial claim of 12,041,755.80 euros, advocating instead for a significantly reduced sum of 405,315 euros, reported Reuters.

Qualcomm defended its substantial bill, attributing it to the complexity and significance of the case, supported by the extensive efforts of a 19-member legal team.

However, the judges overseeing the case dismissed Qualcomm’s arguments, emphasizing that courts assess fees based solely on the total hours necessary for legal proceedings, regardless of the number of attorneys involved.

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Moreover, the judges criticized Qualcomm’s lack of specificity in presenting hourly rates linked to distinct tasks. They deemed the amount of research and analysis insufficient to substantiate the sums claimed, emphasizing the necessity of clear documentation to support fee requests.

Consequently, the court determined the total fee, including expenses for law firm Quinn Emanuel, at 754,190 euros, and 31,667.54 euros for economic consultancy Compass Lexecon/FTI.

However, a request for 302,658.10 euros for legal services from law firm Cravath Swaine & Moore was rejected. The court reasoned that these fees pertained to documents obtained in U.S. proceedings and subsequently introduced as evidence in the EU litigation, thus not warranting additional compensation.

In their ruling, the judges characterized Qualcomm’s fee request as “insufficiently substantiated and manifestly excessive,” signaling a clear departure from Qualcomm’s initial claim.

Source: Reuters