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EU Threatens Suspension of TikTok Lite’s Reward Program

 |  April 22, 2024

The European Union (EU) is considering the suspension of TikTok Lite’s rewards program within its jurisdiction. The European Commission issued a stern warning to TikTok, giving the company a deadline to address concerns regarding the potential negative impact of its app on users’ mental health.

According to statements released by EU regulators, TikTok has been given 24 hours to furnish a comprehensive risk assessment report on TikTok Lite. Failure to comply could result in fines. Additionally, the company has until May 3 to provide further requested information regarding the safety of its platform.

“The Commission has therefore also communicated to TikTok its intention to impose interim measures consisting of the suspension of the TikTok Lite rewards program in the EU pending the assessment of its safety,” the EU watchdog stated, as reported by Reuters.

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TikTok Lite, a pared-down version of the popular video-sharing app designed for regions with limited internet connectivity, has come under scrutiny for its potential adverse effects on users’ mental health. The EU’s move underscores growing concerns globally regarding the impact of social media platforms on mental well-being, particularly among younger users.

This development reflects the EU’s proactive stance in regulating digital platforms to ensure the protection of its citizens, especially in the realm of online content and its influence on mental health. It also highlights the increasing pressure on tech companies to address societal concerns surrounding their products and services.

Source: Reuters