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Fall 2011 CPI Journal Just Published

 |  December 23, 2011

The Fall 2011 CPI Journal marks our second issue published in an eBook format. This time around, we’ve redesigned the template for increased readability, more intuitive tools, and a slicker design. The main theme of the issue is antitrust’s role vis-à-vis financial regulation. It has now been four years since the economic crisis that shook the world. In its wake, legislators, practitioners, and competition authorities were left reexamining the place of antitrust in ensuring financial stability. What have we learned since 2007, and what lies ahead? Are competition policy and financial regulation strange bedfellows, or do they work together in a crucial yet tense relationship? We take a trans-Atlantic and comparative view of the EU and U.S. regimes and attitudes toward antitrust in regulated sectors. Of greatest relevance to current events today are our mini-symposia on payments and interchange fees, and an article on vertical integration of financial exchanges. The Classic is the widely-cited “Bank Interchange of Transactional Paper” by Bill Baxter, which endures today as an influential work in a shifting landscape.