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FTC Clashes with Amazon Over Antitrust Allegations

 |  February 7, 2024

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and e-commerce giant Amazon have upped the stakes in their ongoing legal battle over allegations of anti-competitive and monopolistic behavior.

The dispute reached a new milestone as Amazon sought to have the case dismissed, asserting that the practices in question have ultimately benefited consumers by lowering prices and are not unique to Amazon but rather common across the retail sector. Characterizing the FTC’s lawsuit as an “attack” on its business model, Amazon defended itself as one of America’s most consumer-focused companies.

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The FTC countered Amazon’s arguments, contending that the company’s actions have contributed to establishing a self-reinforcing monopoly that stifles competition and drives up prices across the internet. Describing the case as a “straightforward story of illegal conduct,” FTC attorneys emphasized Amazon’s status as a monopolist enriching itself at the expense of consumers.

The stakes of the case are high, with Amazon’s legal team acknowledging the potential for “structural relief” sought by the FTC, which could potentially reshape the company’s business operations. Despite this acknowledgment, the exact changes the FTC is seeking remain unclear, and the legal proceedings are anticipated to be protracted, with resolution possibly years away.

Source: Settle Times