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Google And Priceline Team Up On AI Travel Agent

 |  June 6, 2023

Google is partnering with Priceline to integrate AI technology into their online travel agency, allowing customers to book trips through a chatbot instead of relying on a human travel agent.

Google and Priceline have announced plans to launch a new feature this summer, which will involve a chatbot with advanced capabilities. The use of Google’s generative AI will enable Priceline to gather hotel data more effectively.

According to Martin Brodbeck, Priceline’s Chief Technology Officer, the chatbot will act as a “personal concierge” for users, delivering data in a human-like format similar to Google’s Bard.

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“You can easily find out that in Bryant Park there’s a Christmas market that runs from early November all the way through the beginning of January when you’re actually booking your hotel,” said Brodbeck to the outlet.

Google will assist Priceline with their digital infrastructure, including generating code for their software developers and integrating their search engine into the company’s intranet. Additionally, Google’s AI technology will help with marketing popular destinations to consumers.