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Google Says Microsoft Engaging In Anti-Competitive Cloud Practices

 |  March 30, 2023

Alphabet has expressed concern about Microsoft’s Cloud services, stating that it is “anti-competitive” and requesting that EU regulators take action regarding Microsoft’s agreements with smaller companies, Reuters reported. 

In an interview with a news agency, Google Cloud president Amit Zavery stated that Microsoft’s actions in the cloud industry exhibit an anti-competitive stance. Zavery added that Microsoft is utilizing its dominance in on-premise business, as well as Office 365 and Windows, to restrict customer choice and favor Azure and other cloud services.

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Last October, Microsoft made changes to its offering for European cloud hosting companies due to concerns about potential anti-competitive behavior.

Several European cloud service providers, including OVH Groupe, Nextcloud, Aruba, and a Danish association, filed complaints with the European Commission regarding Microsoft’s licensing deals, citing discriminatory pricing and unfair license terms.

The EU, which has typically been more active than U.S. regulators in imposing fines on Big Tech for anti-competitive behavior, is due to take a decision on whether or not to open an investigation in the coming days or weeks.