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Google Settles Suit Amid Antitrust Showdowns

 |  March 4, 2024

In a bid to address legal entanglements, Google has recently settled several smaller lawsuits while bracing for impending antitrust battles that could reshape the tech industry’s landscape.

On Monday, Singular Computing, a Massachusetts-based company, announced the resolution of its lawsuit against Google, alleging the theft of chip designs. The settlement, detailed in a news release, includes a patent license agreement, signaling the conclusion of the legal dispute, reported the New York Times.

Google is also nearing the finalization of a fourth settlement in three months, aimed at resolving allegations of privacy setting misrepresentation within its Chrome web browser.

These settlements come with a hefty price tag, exceeding $1 billion, as Google strategically clears legal hurdles ahead of more substantial antitrust challenges.

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At the forefront are two federal suits filed by the Department of Justice. One accuses Google of rigging the search market through preferential deals with phone manufacturers, while the other alleges anti-competitive behavior in the ad tech industry.

Scheduled for May, the closing arguments in one case represent a pivotal moment akin to the U.S. v. Microsoft case, potentially reshaping the tech landscape.

Google denies wrongdoing in both cases, asserting its search engine promotes competition and its ad technology supports publishers and online businesses financially.

José Castañeda, a Google spokesperson, emphasized the company’s approach to settling cases when deemed necessary to avoid prolonged litigation, reaffirming its commitment to defending itself and the industry.

Source: NY Times