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Google Wants India’s Top Court To Dismiss Android Market Dominance Directives

 |  June 26, 2023

Google has requested for India’s Supreme Court to invalidate antitrust directives related to Android market abuse, according to two sources. This is part of their ongoing legal dispute with the competition watchdog in a significant market for the company.

According to Reuters, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) stated in October that Google, whose Android mobile operating system is used by 97% of the 600 million smartphones in India, had taken advantage of its dominant position.

The regulatory body instructed Google to eliminate limitations on device manufacturers, including those regarding app pre-installation. Additionally, the US company was given a fine of $163 million, which was subsequently paid.

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In March, an Indian tribunal ruled in favor of the Alphabet unit by setting aside four out of the 10 directives in the case.

The tribunal upheld CCI’s findings that Google engaged in anti-competitive behavior, but also granted Google some relief by overturning certain directives that required changes to its business model.

According to a reliable source, Google is seeking the Supreme Court’s help in invalidating the remaining directives.

Google is also arguing in its filing made on Monday that it has not abused its market position and should not be liable to pay a penalty, the source added.