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House Democrats Urge Biden to Reconsider Ending Delta-Aeromexico Partnership

 |  March 5, 2024

Fifteen Hispanic House Democrats have joined forces to advocate for the preservation of the longstanding partnership between Delta Air Lines and Mexico’s leading carrier, Grupo Aeromexico SAB. The coalition of lawmakers is urging the Biden administration to reverse its decision, highlighting the potential threat to thousands of jobs and adverse effects on air travel between the United States and Mexico.

In a letter addressed to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Monday, the lawmakers raised concerns over the Transportation Department’s intention not to renew the antitrust immunity deal that facilitated the collaboration between Delta and Aeromexico. The agreement, established in 2016, allowed the two airlines to synchronize flight schedules and pricing, enhancing travel options for passengers on both sides of the border.

The impending termination of the joint venture has sparked apprehension among the lawmakers, who fear it could lead to higher ticket prices, diminished air service connectivity between the two nations, and reduced choices for American travelers. The lawmakers emphasized the pivotal role played by the partnership in fostering economic growth and supporting employment opportunities in both countries.

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Highlighting the significant economic impact at stake, the letter stressed that the Delta-Aeromexico alliance has been instrumental in sustaining thousands of jobs and stimulating air travel demand. According to the correspondence, an estimated 45 million travelers have reaped the benefits of the strategic partnership since its inception.

“While the final decision is still pending, we express our significant concern regarding the proposal to terminate the Joint Cooperation Agreement (JCA) between Delta Air Lines and Aeromexico,” the lawmakers stated in their letter to Secretary Buttigieg. “This action would not only jeopardize thousands of jobs but also undermine the progress made in enhancing air travel accessibility and consumer choice.”

The coalition of House Democrats is urging the Biden administration to reconsider its stance on ending the Delta-Aeromexico partnership, citing the potential adverse ramifications for both nations’ economies and air travel industries.

Source: Simple Flying