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Israel-Based ALSP LawFlex Announced New Antitrust Department

 |  March 28, 2023

The Israel-based global ALSP LawFlex announced it is launching an antitrust department, with leading international competition attorney and business advisor Lawrence B. Landman heading it up.

LawFlex Antitrust leverages the deep knowledge of lawyers from around the globe to help companies negotiate contracts that address competition laws before they become business problems. Clients can also rely on LawFlex Antitrust to defend their interests before competition authorities and the courts across 24 jurisdictions and 18 languages.

LawFlex provides law firms, financial institutions, international corporations and startups with access to over 800 vetted legal professionals from all over the world.

“Lawrence is an invaluable asset to LawFlex,”  said LawFlex CEO and Co-Founder Jackie Donner. “It’s all about the people, and Lawrence is the right professional to launch LawFlex Antitrust which we know will be of tremendous benefit to our clients.”

Antitrust regulation — and enforcement — around the world continues to evolve, particularly in response to the disruptive effects of new technology and business practices that can lead to industry monopolies. Companies of all sizes must keep pace with these changes, both in order to avoid aggressive enforcement and leverage the protection offered by antitrust laws. Businesses operating globally also must ensure compliance with a patchwork of international legislation and enforcement priorities.