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Italy’s Antitrust Authority Launches Probe Into Poste Italiane

 |  February 8, 2024

Italy’s antitrust authority has initiated a probe into Poste Italiane, the country’s postal service provider. The investigation centers around accusations that Poste Italiane has been obstructing access to its network for competitors seeking to utilize its PostePay payment system.

The antitrust authority’s action follows claims that Poste Italiane, in violation of Italian law, has been impeding access to its offices and postal network by competitors of its subsidiary, PostePay. This subsidiary leverages Poste Italiane’s infrastructure to market and promote Poste Energia offers within the electricity retail market.

Under Italian regulations, Poste Italiane is obligated to facilitate access to its network for competitors of PostePay. However, concerns have been raised that the company may be engaging in practices that stifle competition, potentially limiting consumer choice and market innovation.

The PostePay payment system has become increasingly prominent in Italy’s financial landscape, offering a range of services including online payments, money transfers, and prepaid cards. Its integration with Poste Energia, a subsidiary focusing on electricity retail services, has further expanded its reach within the market.

The antitrust probe signals a significant step in addressing potential anti-competitive behavior within Italy’s postal and financial sectors. By investigating allegations of restricted access to Poste Italiane’s network, regulators aim to uphold principles of fair competition and safeguard consumer interests.

Poste Italiane, a state-owned entity with a long-standing presence in Italy’s postal services, has yet to respond publicly to the allegations. However, the company is expected to cooperate fully with the antitrust investigation as it unfolds.

Source: ANSA