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Italy’s Antitrust Regulator Approves London Stock Exchange’s Acquisition of Borsa Italiana

 |  March 3, 2024

Italy’s antitrust regulator has given the green light to the London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) acquisition of Borsa Italiana, totaling 1.6 billion euros (approximately 1.08 billion pounds), according to a statement released on Monday.

In its announcement, the regulatory agency highlighted that the acquisition would not impede competition, citing the complementary nature of the two stock markets’ activities. This decision paves the way for the London Stock Exchange’s expansion into the Italian market, reported Reuters.

The antitrust watchdog revealed that the London Stock Exchange had made a commitment not to increase trading fees during the transition of trading to its platform, TradeElect. Additionally, the regulator emphasized that the London Stock Exchange had pledged to ensure equal access to post-trading services. Notably, the regulator suggested that trading fees could potentially decrease as efficiency gains are realized.

This approval comes after the London Stock Exchange announced its intention to acquire the Milan exchange in June, marking another significant step in the ongoing consolidation of global exchanges.

The next crucial step in the acquisition process will be separate extraordinary meetings held by shareholders of both the London Stock Exchange and Borsa Italiana on Wednesday. These meetings will allow shareholders to vote on the proposed takeover.

The acquisition of Borsa Italiana by the London Stock Exchange signifies a strategic move in the landscape of international finance, further solidifying the London Stock Exchange’s position as a key player in the global market.

Source: Reuters