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Japan’s Antitrust Body Orders Google to Amend Ad Search Practices

 |  April 22, 2024

Japan’s antitrust regulator has issued a directive to Google, the tech giant known for its dominant search engine. The order demands that Google rectify practices around its ad search system that unfairly limit competition.

The Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) has found that Google’s current operations hinder the advertising business of Yahoo Japan, a major player in the country’s internet landscape. Specifically, Google’s restrictions prevent Yahoo Japan from displaying its search ads on third-party websites in the Google search network.

As reported by EuroNews, this limitation not only affects Yahoo Japan’s ability to compete, but also impacts the broader ecosystem, including advertisers and consumers. By restricting access to a wider audience, Google’s practices stifle competition and innovation in the digital advertising market.

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In response to the JFTC’s findings, Google has been given a timeline to address these concerns and make necessary changes to its ad search system. The tech giant is expected to comply with the order, ensuring that its practices align with Japan’s antitrust laws and promote a healthy competitive environment.

This development is part of a larger global scrutiny of tech giants and their market practices. Regulators worldwide are increasingly vigilant about ensuring that the digital economy remains competitive and fair, preventing any single entity from monopolizing key digital services.

Source: Euro News