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May 2012 Blog o’ Blogs

 |  May 23, 2012

We’re presenting a diverse group of stories this month. We have stories from the high seas, India, Mexico, France, England, and we’re discussing legal (?) cartels, Robinson-Patman, compliance, MFN status, LIBOR, EU and U.S. collaboration on Google, and even whether the FTC is mad at lawyers. Enjoy.

Europe’s Approach to Antitrust Could Cause Friction
New factors are at work pushing the regulators to collaborate more, including the rise of antitrust agencies in important economies like China and India.
James Kanter (New York Times)

A Powerful Law Has Been Losing a Lot of Its Punch
A recent study shows that it’s much tougher to win lawsuits based on the Robinson-Patman Act than it used to be.
Robert Toth (Wall Street Journal)

New LIBOR antitrust complaints: Lots of charts, few juicy specifics
It takes serious economics chops to be a big-time antitrust lawyer.
Alison Frankel (Reuters)


François Hollande and Competition Law
Nicolas Sarkozy did have an undeniable impact on competition law. (Ed. note, largely in French)
Alfonso Lamadrid (Chillin’ Competition)


FTC Seeks New Standards for Lawyers
Call them paranoid, but antitrust lawyers who practice before the Federal Trade Commission think the agency is mad at them.
Bill McConnell (The Deal)


The Trouble With Antitrust Compliance and 10 Ways to Fix It
Although it would seem to be appropriate for the Justice Department to help companies comply with the antitrust laws, they have chosen not to do so.
Theodore Banks (Corporate Counsel)


When ‘Most Favored Nations’ Clauses Collide With Antitrust
The thing about MFNs is that they cut both ways.
Catherine Dunn (Corporate Counsel)


American Movil abuse of dominance case seems to be a “happy-end” story but not for everybody
The crucial fact in this respect is whether or not the findings of CFC regarding the behavior of Telcel will remain valid, as long as the legal action against these findings should be abandoned.
Valentin Mircea (Kluwer Competition Blog)


India Trust Buster Turns Up Heat
They’re trying to make up for the last 20 years, when there wasn’t any real antitrust law in India.
Amol Sharma & R. Jai Krishna (Wall Street Journal)


Finally, Airline Consolidation
The Obama administration doesn’t mind a cartel as long as it’s a labor-run cartel.
Holman Jenkins, Jr. (Wall Street Journal)


Breaking the deadlock? Private antitrust enforcement in the UK
Reform is long overdue, but have they got it right?
Sebastian Peyer (Competition Policy Blog)


Antitrust on The High Seas, An Assault on the Jones Act
Once the Jones Act is gone, maybe the airlines are next.
Walter Pavlo (Forbes)