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Meta Asserts Exemption from Indonesia’s New News Payment Law

 |  February 22, 2024

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, has stated its interpretation of Indonesia’s new law regarding payment for news content shared on digital platforms. The law, signed by Indonesia’s president this week, mandates that digital platforms compensate media outlets for the content they provide. However, Meta believes that the law does not require them to pay for content that publishers voluntarily post on their platforms.

Rafael Frankel, Meta’s director of public policy for Southeast Asia, emphasized the outcome of multiple consultations with the government, indicating that Meta will not be obligated to remunerate news publishers for voluntarily posted content. This interpretation contrasts with the expectations set by the new law, which is scheduled to come into effect in six months, reported Reuters.

The legislation outlines that digital platforms and news publishers should establish partnerships, potentially through paid licenses, revenue sharing, or data sharing arrangements. Nevertheless, many details regarding the implementation of these agreements remain unclear.

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Globally, governments have expressed concerns over what they perceive as an unequal power dynamic between digital platforms and news publishers. Australia set a precedent with its News Media Bargaining Code, which came into effect in March 2021. Subsequently, Meta and Google entered into agreements with media outlets to compensate them for content that drives engagement and advertising revenue.

The unfolding situation in Indonesia underscores the ongoing debate surrounding the regulation of digital platforms and their relationship with traditional news publishers.

Source: Reuters