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Mexico Calls For More Power For Its Competition Watchdog

 |  May 18, 2020

Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, national leader of ruling party MORENA, has released an analysis prepared by his party intended to propose constitutional changes. “The magnitude of the economic and health emergency demands it. The starting point and the outcome of the new rules of social coexistence are, without a doubt, the issue of welfare.”

The document released by Ramírez Cuéllar calls for increasing the strength and powers for the Federal Commission for Economic Competition (COFECE). “The concentration and power that companies have in a large number of markets that produce and distribute goods and services that are basic for the population have become one of the most important sources of social and economic inequality between regions and the various segments of Mexican society” he declared.

In addition, he added, the Competition Commission must be given greater powers to measure the impact on Mexicans’ levels of welfare so as to bolster joint actions in the design of policies to ensure access to goods and services with fair prices.