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Microsoft To Unbundle Teams From Office Over Antitrust Concerns

 |  April 24, 2023

According to Financial Times, Microsoft has made the decision to discontinue the inclusion of its Teams remote collaboration software in its Office productivity suite.

The company is making a move to address potential EU antitrust issues, which are the most significant regulatory concerns they have faced in the past ten years.

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According to sources from FT, companies may have the option to purchase Office with or without Teams installed, but the details on how this will be implemented are still unclear. Discussions with EU regulators are ongoing and no agreement has been reached yet. Microsoft stated that they are aware of their obligations as a major technology company in the EU and are working with the commission to find solutions that meet their concerns and provide value to customers.

In 2020, Slack, which is now owned by Salesforce, filed a complaint with EU regulators requesting that Microsoft sell Teams as a separate product from its widely used Office suite. The general counsel for Slack stated that they were seeking the EU’s assistance in reviewing the facts and upholding the law in a neutral manner.