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Multiple States Join Tennessee’s Antitrust Lawsuit Against NCAA Over NIL Rules

 |  May 1, 2024

In a development in the ongoing legal battle over name, image, and likeness (NIL) rules in college sports, several states have rallied behind Tennessee’s antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA.

Florida, New York and the District of Columbia have officially joined forces with Tennessee in the lawsuit, amplifying the pressure on the NCAA to reconsider its stance on NIL regulations. The move comes after Virginia had already thrown its weight behind the lawsuit, marking a united front among states seeking to reshape the landscape of collegiate athletics.

The amended complaint, filed in the Eastern District of Tennessee federal court, underscores the collective interest of these states in safeguarding the NIL opportunities for both prospective and current college athletes. The complaint highlights the pivotal role of NIL rights in the lives of athletes, emphasizing the need for regulatory changes to uphold their rights and opportunities.

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The inclusion of Florida in the lawsuit holds particular significance due to the involvement of prominent universities like Florida State University and the University of Florida in previous NIL-related investigations by the NCAA. Notably, on January 11, the NCAA penalized Florida State University for an incident involving an assistant football coach who facilitated impermissible contact between a transfer prospect and an NIL collective.

With Florida’s participation in the lawsuit, the scope and impact of the legal challenge against the NCAA have expanded considerably. The collaboration among multiple states signals a growing consensus among policymakers and legal authorities regarding the urgency of addressing NIL regulations in collegiate sports.