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New York City Looks To Regulate The Use Of AI Employment Tools

 |  April 10, 2023

The use of artificial intelligence in the employment sector has become widespread, with many employers utilizing AI tools to assist in their hiring processes.

Automated Employment Decision Tools, commonly known as AEDTs, are a type of artificial intelligence.

Automated resume screening tools, known as AEDTs, utilize AI technology to match job requirements with relevant keywords found in applicant resumes. In addition to keywords, certain AEDTs can also consider emotional response as a factor in the screening process.

Tools were introduced to speed up the hiring process and avoid biases based on gender, race, and other factors.

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In 2018, Amazon developed a recruitment tool with the intention of simplifying the application process. However, the tool showcased partiality towards male candidates, which differed from the company’s initial goals.

 “In effect, Amazon’s system taught itself that male candidates were preferable,” according to Reuters. “It penalized resumes that included the word ‘women’s,’ as in ‘women’s chess club captain.’”

With a rise in artificial intelligence programs, New York City introduced a law to regulate AEDTs usage and prevent cases like this from occurring.

The regulation, Local Law 144, will go into effect in the coming months.

Local Law 144 would “require employers to conduct bias audits on automated employment decision tools, including those that utilize artificial intelligence and similar technologies.”