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Nokia and Dell Partner for Private 5G and Cloud Integration

 |  February 15, 2024

In a move aimed at bolstering the deployment of private 5G networks and seamless integration with cloud infrastructure, tech giants Nokia and Dell Technologies have announced a collaborative partnership. The agreement, revealed in a joint statement on Thursday, outlines a comprehensive strategy to revolutionize network capabilities for individual organizations.

Private 5G networks, characterized by their ownership or operation by singular entities, are set to undergo a transformational shift with this alliance. Under the terms of the partnership, customers utilizing Nokia AirFrame, the telecommunications equipment manufacturer’s cloud-centric data center business, will gradually transition to Dell’s purpose-built PowerEdge servers tailored for modern telecom network workloads, reported Reuters.

Moreover, Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) is slated to become Dell’s preferred private wireless platform for select enterprise clients’ needs. This strategic alignment represents an expansion of an existing partnership, with both companies committed to integrating NDAC with Dell’s NativeEdge software platform. This integration is poised to advance open network architectures within the telecom ecosystem and unlock new potential for private 5G use cases among businesses.

The collaboration underscores a broader trend toward open network architectures in computing and communications, facilitating compatibility between products from different vendors. Nishant Batra, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer at Nokia, emphasized the significance of this partnership in addressing the evolving needs of customers amidst escalating demands on networks.

“Our continued collaboration with Dell will help address the future needs of our customers brought on by the increasing demands on networks and provide solutions to help communications service providers scale modern networks to the cloud,” remarked Batra.

The partnership between Nokia and Dell Technologies signifies a concerted effort to drive innovation in network infrastructure and accelerate the adoption of private 5G networks. With a focus on cloud integration and open network architectures, the alliance holds promise for organizations seeking to leverage advanced networking technologies to fuel their digital transformation initiatives.

Source: Reuters