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October 2012 Blog o’ Blogs

 |  October 23, 2012
October 2012, Volume 2, Number 10
We’re devoting considerable space to the two hot topics of the month: Google, with a conversation inspired by the Bork/Sidak paper, and patents, spurred on by the New York Times. But we also have a Milton Friedman video, an interview with Einer Elhuage, a discussion of Karate Competition, and a clever cartoon. Enjoy!
Robert Bork and Gregory Sidak Discuss Google Antitrust Claims
Bork and Sidak say it is difficult to see how anything that Google does in search and ranking algorithms is unfair.
(Science 2.0)
Bork-Sidak’s Fatally Flawed Google Antitrust Defense
Their legal analyses rest upon a misunderstanding of the relevant market in question.
Scott Cleland (The Precursor Blog)
Google CEO Breaks His Silence To Warn Against Government Regulation
Page hardly helped his case, though, when he noted that Google’s inclusion of its own mapping service in search results had driven rivals out of the market.
Owen Thomas (Business Insider)
U.S. Google Antitrust Probe Spurs Internet-Regulation Debate
Does the U.S. government really want to step into the path of the digital revolution?
Sam Gustin (Time)
The Patent, Used as a Sword
The marketplace for new ideas has been corrupted by software patents used as destructive weapons.
Charles Duhigg & Steve Lohr (New York Times)
Today’s Software Patents Look a Lot Like Early Pharma Patents
The complaints today about software patents arise more from intuitions and and from emotionally-compelling anecdotes.
Adam Mossoff (Truth on the Market)
DOJ and FTC consider NPE Antitrust Issues
NPE behavior does not fit squarely into any of the traditional boxes for antitrust claims.
Logan Breed (Kluwer Competition Law Blog)
The Friday Slot: Einer Elhauge
“I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.”
Alfonso Lamadrid (Chillin’ Competition)
Milton Friedman: The Ultimate Consumer Protection
The most effective protection of the consumer is free competition.
A You-tube lecture from Common Sense Capitalism.com
More on Karate Competition
Some argue that there’s no EU competition law equivalent to Section 5 of the FTC Act. 
Alfonso Lamadrid (Chillin’ Competition)
The Intersection of Competition/Antitrust & Intellectual Property: “A Dozen Times to Call Your Antitrust Lawyer”
(1) mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures, (2) your competition (rivals) are entering into a merger or acquisition, (3) an acquisition of a company with potentially competing R&D product, (4) enforcing IP rights, (5) buying IP with attached commitments, (6) patent litigation settlements, (7) dealing with standard setting organizations, (8) selling unpatented products or services in conjunction with IP, (9) structuring licensing arrangements, (10) challenging regulatory filings, (11) entering into a patent pool or (12) introducing new products and product designs.
Steve Szentesi (Canadian Regulatory Law)
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