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Paramount+ Showtime Merger Due In June

 |  May 29, 2023

Streaming services and their parent companies are exploring ways to streamline their operations in the face of current challenges. For instance, HBO Max and Discovery+ have merged, and Disney+ is set to incorporate Hulu’s content. As previously reported in February, Paramount+ is also considering a merger.

According to a CNBC report, the merger between Paramount+ and Showtime app is set to happen on June 27, although there was no previous reported date.

Starting next month, the new Paramount+ with Showtime will replace the standalone Showtime app by the end of the year. The integration will also lead to the inclusion of Paramount+ content on the Showtime television network.

The consolidation of platforms will contribute to reducing content expenses, an area of concern for media companies seeking to achieve profitability in streaming.

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After its merger, Warner Bros. Discovery has been reducing expenses. On Tuesday, the company is introducing Max, which is a combination of HBO Max and Discovery+. However, Discovery+ will still be available as a separate service.