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Putin Calls On Russia To Counter Western AI Dominance

 |  November 26, 2023

In a stern warning to the West, President Vladimir Putin declared on Friday that the global community must not allow a monopoly to form in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Asserting Russia’s commitment to a more ambitious strategy for AI development, Putin highlighted the need for a balanced landscape in the evolving AI domain.

Acknowledging China and the United States as frontrunners in AI innovation, a sentiment echoed by numerous researchers and world leaders, Putin stressed Russia’s determination to emerge as a significant player in the AI arena. However, the country has faced setbacks, with the conflict in Ukraine prompting an exodus of talented specialists and Western sanctions hindering Russia’s access to crucial high-tech imports.

Addressing an AI conference in Moscow alongside Sberbank CEO German Gref, Putin underscored the impossibility of outright bans on AI, recognizing the potential consequences of restricting such transformative technologies. “You cannot ban something – if we ban it, then it will develop somewhere else, and we will fall behind,” Putin asserted, emphasizing the need for a nuanced approach to the ethical and social implications of AI development.

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Despite the challenges, Putin expressed confidence that Russia could navigate the ethical dimensions of AI by drawing upon its “traditional” cultural values. He called for a resolution to ethical questions that align with Russia’s cultural heritage.

In a notable critique, Putin cautioned against the biases of some Western online search systems and generative models, accusing them of neglecting or actively canceling out Russian language and culture. According to Putin, these algorithms essentially deny Russia’s existence. This critique adds a geopolitical dimension to the ongoing discourse on AI ethics, highlighting concerns of cultural bias and exclusion.

Source: Reuters