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Rideshare Execs Question Biden’s Nominee For The Department Of Labor Over Gig Work Stance

 |  March 20, 2023

Rideshare and delivery companies are looking to the Biden administration’s Department of Labor nominee to clarify her stance on a forthcoming worker-classification rule that could expand workers’ rights. On Monday, a trade organization representing these companies issued a statement expressing the need for further clarity, reported Reuters

The Department of Labor recently unveiled a new rule in October. This proposed policy would impact several areas that rely on the services of independent contractors, such as ride-hailing, delivery and more. It is expected to create stricter regulations for companies and how they classify their workers.

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The Flex Association, which represents companies such as Uber and Lyft, sent a letter to Biden on Monday asking that his nominee to lead the US Department of Labor, Julie Su, explain how she would implement the proposed rule in a “manner that protects independent work.”

The Democrats’ narrow control of the Senate means Su’s confirmation is unlikely to be impacted but the final worker classification rule is expected this year and the push to lobby against it by groups such as the Flex Association is picking up momentum.

A White House official said Su, in her role as deputy secretary of labor, has ensured that “workers receive all the rights and protections available to them under Federal law — she will continue that commitment if confirmed as Secretary of Labor.”

The group this month said Su’s record on flexible work was “troubling” and called for a “meticulous review” of her record in the Senate confirmation process.