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Russian Court Slaps Amazon with Additional Fine

 |  February 1, 2024

In a continued legal battle between Russia and U.S. e-commerce titan Amazon, a Russian court imposed a fine of 2 million roubles ($22,254) on Thursday, citing the company’s failure to promptly remove content deemed illegal by the authorities.

This recent penalty adds to the growing list of fines Amazon has faced in Russia. On January 17, the tech giant was fined over 200 million roubles for not maintaining a physical presence within the country, a requirement under Russian law. This was followed by another penalty of 4 million roubles in October 2023, specifically for the alleged failure to promptly remove content banned by Russian authorities.

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The court’s decision underscores Russia’s stringent stance on online content and the demand for compliance from global tech corporations operating within its borders. The Russian government has been actively seeking to regulate and control the digital landscape, often imposing fines as a means of enforcing compliance.

Amazon’s legal challenges in Russia highlight the complex nature of balancing international business operations with compliance to diverse and sometimes stringent local regulations. The e-commerce giant, which has a significant global presence, has been grappling with similar issues in various countries as it navigates the regulatory landscapes unique to each jurisdiction.

Source: Reuters