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Spanish Watchdog To Probe Big Tech For Non-Compliance Of The Digital Market Act

 |  June 29, 2023

The Spanish government has authorized the regulator CNMC to investigate potential violations of the Digital Market Act by companies like Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft.

According to a draft of a Royal Decree approved by the Council of Ministers, Cinco Dias states that investigations must be conducted in collaboration with competition authorities from other EU countries. The CNMC is also required to provide written notification to the EC before initiating an investigation and sharing its findings.

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The DMA, which was implemented on November 1, 2022 but did not take effect until May of the following year, represents the first revision of EU internet regulations in two decades. It defines gatekeepers as “basic platform service providers” that meet three specific criteria: having a substantial impact on the internal market, functioning as crucial gateways for professionals to reach end users, and maintaining a strong and lasting position within the market.